Saturday, 23 October 2010

sandal would

It's raining outside and if it wasn't my rostered day to play shopgirl I'd be quite happy with tea and the papers.
As much as I love grey skies, rain, winter, I have to acknowledge that this time of the year the weather affects the shopping mechanism in people. They want to buy spring and summery clothing but this year Melbourne is just toying with their shopping needs. Look it maybe raining out there people but it will be sunny and warm later.
And I just couldn't control myself......
We've been waiting for a special order to come in and finally half of it has arrived. (It's killing me that the rest of it is out there somewhere! I want it here now!)
For summer we've ordered in a batch of sandals, wonderfully affectionately daggy New Zealand school sandals. These are leather sandals made in Auckland by a family owned business, Douglas Sandals, and they are so cute I could squeal. At the moment the box with the black, blue and half the white is sitting under the table downstairs, the red, green and the rest of the white are somewhere between here and NZ. Normally I wouldn't show you until they were all here and displayed in the shop but I thought you might need something to give you hope that the weather will warm up.

View this as a warning that it is time for a pedicure (I know I need one).

In the meantime there are other things to buy in the shop..... the fake birdies are flitting off to new homes fast so you better so you better fly in and grab some quick-sticks. Jethro has been very well behaved around them, gently sniffing them, lips, whiskers and nostrils quivering. He's rather proud that Stewie the Maine Coon has been measured as the world's longest cat.

.... and I went a bit cushion mad this week and we have tea-towel cushions stashed everywhere, there's bags of them stuffed under the table and I have to be careful if I open the door to the cupboard, as well as the beautiful vintage fabric cushions I wrote about earlier in the week. There are some stunners!


  1. Lovely picture... what kind of blue are the blue sandals?

  2. I would be squealing alongside you. I'm looking forward to a visit to your shop, when we are down in Victoria over the Christmas hols.
    Have a lovely week. I've seen you have a whole delivery of sandals in to squeal over!


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