Tuesday, 19 October 2010

winners are grinners

I came out of a meeting at Craft Vic last night to find out I had managed to win the second prize in the Project Patchwork fundraising raffle!
Oh my! I never win anything!
Dell and I had been talking last week about which we wanted to win (if we won) and i had offered Dell some of my raffle tickets but she had said 'no, I'll feel bad when I win the triangle quilt...'.
Lucky for me she didn't take up the offer!


  1. I bought TEN raffle tickets recently and had better win something. The prizes were baskets full of chocolates, shortbread and nana knitting.

  2. i am so, so jealous..!!

    they were all such beautiful quilts, but i could see myself pulling this one out to use again and again...

    congratulations; you are one lucky girl!


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