Wednesday, 6 October 2010

printed matter

The wait has been sending me crazy- hence the nervous energy expended on the weekend cleaning and painting and moving stuff around.
Finally it's out.
Finally it's here.
The new November/December Inside/Out magazine.
With my home in it.
A huge thank you goes out to the lovely Lucy of The Design Files fame for organising the whole shebang!

It's weird and freaky and totally strange.
It's my home and it's not my home.
And there is a really dodgy photo of me with toddler hair.... but I am wearing a Mexican embroidered dress!

Just ignore all the 'how-to-achieve-the-look' stuff please.

Freakin' weird!!


  1. A beautiful, beautiful home! I have serious chair envy now./Sam

  2. Wow, that took yonks, credit to you miss Pen Pen

  3. Pen, you are such a Fitzroy celebrity.
    Everything looks divine and the toddler hair - very cute!
    I wonder if tourists will come in with copies of the magazine for you to sign?

  4. Congrats Miss Pen Pen. Your home is so beautiful and absolutely no one one could truly copy your style - it's all your own! Don't forget us now your famous! Lots of Love HML xxx

  5. I guess that would be wierd, I remember when we were selling our house and there was a massive sign out the front with loads of photos of inside on it and it kinda felt like I had my undies nailed to the front door!

  6. Yeah Pene, what a document, to remember 'the day the house was clean'! Where was Jethro?

  7. Oh much excitment Miss Pen Pen. Lovely to peek inside your home, I'm helping myself to some sponge cake while I sit at your table, okay?

  8. looking forward to a sticky beak!

  9. Hi - I have just seen the MAG and I think the photos were beautiful. love your wonky style - feverishly collecting tea towels xo

  10. Just saw it - love everything!xxx

  11. I LOVE your place and treasures in InsideOut. It looks absolutely rad, despite the strange text!


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