Friday, 11 July 2008

trumpet blowing

About a month ago I met the charming Lucy Feagins who has a fantastic design site called The Design Files. And- blush stutter-she asked to interview me for the Files. She works as a stylist and props buyer for film and TV and writes great articles and interviews about design. You should definitely pop the link into your favourites!  So back to blowing that trumpet.... there's an interview with me and photos that Lucy has taken and the Magnolia Project. 
Toot toot.


  1. Exciting, I read right to the bottom, Nice to see all those piles of lovely treasures stacked up in your shop...

  2. I justy came here from Lucy's site. Great interview! Ill be popping into your shop very soon for a loiter!

    Id love to send you some of my fabric if like wanted to make something from it....?

  3. oooh Pene thanks for the link and the trumpet blowing :) Very kind of you. See you soon, keep warm! X

  4. love the site, love the interview even more - congratulations miss penpen and keep blowing that trumpet!!


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