Tuesday, 29 July 2008

bribery and corruption

In the last 10 days I've made three batches of brownies. One batch of giant brownies, for Beck's baby shower, studded with plastic pink babies, one batch of little brownies (and homemade iced vovos) for Leah's 'Circuit' opening at Milly Sleeping and tonight I whipped up two boxes of choc delights for my students at RMIT. This batch is half bribery and half apology for stuffing up when I was teaching last Thursday. Got suckered there!
So I went and got a 1kg block of Valrhona 61% and pulled out the good vanilla. I love Bourbon Vanilla (I really love the vanilla bean paste but they were out of it). I had to get a personal loan to buy this bottle but it's worth every cent. Mmmmmm.

Thought I'd just make give you a visual sugar rush.
mmmmm.......... chocolate.........


  1. Oh, now, that's just unfair.

  2. Vanilla is the most familiar and yet the most exotic of liquors. I wear vanilla perfume all the time and get the best reaction from people, they are always reminded of things from when they were kids. And that it comes from an orchid - bless Mother Nature!

  3. it really is the most amazing thing the ol' vanilla bean.
    when I was young I had a book called (I think) 'Kindle a candle', the story was about a girl whose name was (I think) Vanessa who wanted to be called Vanilla. Mum and I thought it was excellent to want to be called after something so yum.
    Freesias and vanilla (not together necessarily, although they might work together... ) just send me wild.


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