Tuesday, 8 July 2008


I had to laugh.

They were too, too funny.

I should explain.
I had to go to Preston this afternoon and I saw two young lads with the most hilarious David Bowie pageboy haircuts. The funny thing is they probably don't know who Ziggy/Aladdin is/was.
A friend of mine (male) thinks boys/teenagers/young men just can't do 'fashion'. That they just try way too hard and are so self-conscious about it that they can't carry it off, unlike girls who gang up and play with it all. 
I think it's also the rash of pimples that cracked me up.
Can't wait for my 5 nephews to get to an age when I can roll around the floor in hysterics at their latest 'looks'!


  1. My daughter's currently channelling Edie Sedgewick.

  2. can I confess that I have had the bowie pageboy cut as well...

  3. Me too on the pageboy theme, I blame the parents, but it now seems that my three year old has the same 'do......I can see a pattern here.

  4. I remember sitting on the kitchen stool with mum doing the whole pageboy cut on me........... I think it was maybe 1969-70.......... ok I'm old!
    curly hair though was never good for a pageboy
    admit it Beck your pageboy was only a few years ago!!

  5. confound you Penelope - the jig is up! I blame my Sharpie babysitter.

  6. mwhahahahahahahaha
    if i'm going down for a pageboy you are all going down with me!


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