Wednesday, 16 July 2008


I'm batting on both teams this year.
Whilst the Strength in Numbers window is under the aegis of Melbourne International Design Festival, I'm also doing work under State of Design as well. Justin and Dhiren smooth talked Mr Porcelain and I into helping out on Before and After, a recycling project using objects from the Brotherhood of St Lawrence. These products are then going to be used for EatGreenDesign.
This part of the project is a temporary restaurant serving sustainable and organic food and drink.
The boys came up with the idea of re-vamping old Featherston designed office chairs. Having helped out on three, Jus convinced me to do one of my own, The Little Knitted Chair. It is handknitted from tubular knitted wool yarn. Kind of a chair sweater.


  1. How many of these are you planning to knit up, Miss P?

  2. this is nice, something really lovely about a snugly fitted coat...

  3. justin is encouraging me to do more- pthwthhh!
    done my bit!
    other things to do now!

  4. I LOVE IT!
    again you bring out the genius gun and blast away (hmmm that sounds just a bit wrong doesn't it...)
    anyway it's a delight.

  5. How lovely and toasty looking! I definitely think there would be a market for these!

  6. Oh how delightful! I hope no one spills their tomato soup on it.

  7. I'm the lucky one to end up with the chair and I must say to you all I had to bid hard to get it...Pene the chair is a winner and i say you must do more people love it and you could have sold at least another 4 that I know of! :)


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