Wednesday, 2 July 2008

the art of madame du barry

Our beloved Madame du Barry is currently being creative in many more ways than one. As well as gestating a Mini Mona, she has been putting paint brush to canvas to create a new series for her exhibition that opens on Saturday. 

(I want to call this painting 'Major Tom' (heehee).)
So we are all crossing the river in the afternoon for the grand opening. 2pm at Imp Gallery, upstairs above Greville St Books in (of course Greville St) Prahran. I heard rumours of there might be some cupcakery happening...... homemade not those commercial monstosities.


  1. Dear Pen, thanks for the blog entry. as for Major Tom- funnily enough the painting is called 'in utero' and we found out on saturday we are having a boy and we had picked the name Thomas. So there you go.

    Ramona xxx

  2. YEAH!
    congrats on the BOY!
    too exciting!
    now I can plan..................


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