Saturday, 5 July 2008


I've watched the magnolia buds, over the last few weeks,  swelling and turning a velvety green.
This morning I looked down on the tree from the upstairs front window. 
Overnight those buds have swelled a little more and today we have magnolia blooms. Tiny unfurling flowers. Only two so far. 
But do you know what is really amazing? 
Only our doily tree is flowering, none of the other Gertrude Street magnolias are there yet.


  1. I cant believe it (excellent snappage with the new camera too Pene!)
    and yet given how beautiful this particular magnolia now is, I am somehow also not surprised it's raising the stakes...
    can't wait to come and see it in person!
    bloomim' marvelous.

  2. T'would be lovely to see pics of it in bloom... x

  3. it's an early bit of warmth for that particular tree... It has it's own micro-climate...

  4. with this snowy weather we should have made it a fur lined coat!


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