Thursday, 3 July 2008

tales from outer suburbia

I've loved Shaun Tan's books for quite awhile now.
'The Red Tree' is a very moving story about sadness and depression in children (and indeed in everyone) with a beautiful ending, a little red leaf of hope.
Last night I walked up to Carlton (walking in the freezing cold to ease my back) and ended up coming home with 'Tales from the Outer Suburbia', Shaun Tan's latest. It's a fantastical mix of stories and pictures. You have to get it if only to read 'Eric'. Actually all the stories are great. In their own whimsical surrealist way they could all be real stories from the suburbs........... we all know those suburbs are way out there, weird beyond belief.

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  1. I recently bought this shaun tan home too, for my daughter, but I haven't handed it over yet! such beautiful books.


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