Monday, 21 July 2008

slow, slow, quick, quick, slow

Well the Prettiest Little Magnolia Tree in Town has had herself mentioned again (let's not discuss how jealous all the other magnolias are), this time in the Slow Guides
If you haven't heard about the Slow Guides to Melbourne and Sydney then you've obviously been shooting along in the fast lane. It's all about stopping and smelling the roses, taking time to enjoy the little things, as their motto says 'live more, fret less'. And really craft fits very well into this, like the Slow Food movement, it's all about an investment in time and creativity paying off in the final product and the joy it brings not only to the 'consumer' but also the maker.
The Toy Society was also mentioned and I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome of more of Bianca's  toy drops!
Watch out for more Guerilla Craft events! I believe there is a knifitti event planned for the near future. When you least expect it, expect it!


  1. Oh yeah, I saw that too! I love the slow movement.

  2. congrats again you media hound - the people just cant get enough of your industrious cottage at the moment!! and why not really, given your level of genius.
    by the way, speaking of slow food (or slowly grazing your way through bags of food)

  3. finished the last of my apples the other day, the last one was not as good as the others , better than any other apple just not as good as its bagmates- I suppose there has to be a rotten apple in the barrel!
    ...........mmmm harcourt apples I heart you.........

  4. I was SO IMPRESSED with the magnolia tree - and I'm sure I used to shop in your shop before it was yours - many years ago in melbourne - I love Gertrude St - I used to intern at the gallery across the road......

    Anyways, I've just found you, and will be doing some further reading.....

    Leah xxx


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