Friday, 18 July 2008


(This one is for Elsie.)
On the way back I stopped at Harcourt to buy apples for Beck. It was raining and cold. The rain though has greened things up nicely and glowing through the mist were apple trees still with fruit. Like jewels on the boughs.
I bought Beck a bag of Pink Ladies and grabbed a bag of Fujis as well. 
I should explain that I am a very fussy apple eater. They have never been my favourite fruit, kind of too...... um....... apple-y. (Stop laughing! I mean this!) Sometime the flavour is just too much and texture too can be a bit too floury/soft/mealy for me. So every year for the short apple-peak season I might glut on Firm Golds or Fujis. The last good Fuji I had was months ago- that is until today. 
An unwaxed russet Fuji. 
That's it. If I'm going to eat an apple, then every year come autumn and winter, it will involve a trip to Harcourt.
(I might have to get a pair of Elsie's knickers and go apple scrumping!)


  1. I did the exact same thing last Freitag, jumped in the car with the boy, made him look at dresses in Bendigo, was disappointed with the op-shops there, and then bought a bag of crisp, delicious royal galas in Harcourt. Yummo!

  2. I totally agree about apples - they either delicious, or floury. I stopped in Harcourt on the way home from the Bendigo Wool Show on Saturday and got some pink lady's -so yummy, so crisp! So gone in 2 days!!


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