Thursday, 3 July 2008


I went to the gorgeous exhibition of Marian Hosking's work at Craft Victoria tonight. 
Sadly after her artist's talk I had to go home. My back has gone into spasm and I was finding standing upright unbearable. 
I hate this. It hasn't been this bad in ages.
I think lugging the 25 metre roll of quilted fabric around the other day has twisted things up.
Panadeine forte and valium here I go.

Anyway pop into Craft Vic to see the exhibition, it's a lovely mix of found objects, natural detritus and spirit of place. Very contemplative and poetic.


  1. That quilted fabric looks amazing, hope the valium has done it's business, a distraction, have you seen this?

    some boring stuff, but also some lovely things too. worth trawling through the archives...


  2. Oh Pen, what ever are we going to do with you?

    Do you have a bath? Hot wheatbag?

    I have a bath here, if you need it. I'd be a wreck without it.

  3. can only offer the same condolances and bath options, it's deep and relatively long - even the gigantaur brother can fit into it - just name the day and its yours!!!


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