Thursday, 10 July 2008


When I woke up this morning it was so grey and cold outside I couldn't help staying in bed for a little longer.
I had an overwhelming desire to get in the car and visit some snowy locale like Trentham. 
But I had appointments today so no go. I think I might need to find a day very soon for a country jaunt. To go somewhere really brisk. You know, you get out of the car and smell woodfires and your toes tingle with the cold. I don't think I have warm enough clothes though. I've dug out my over-the-knee wool socks, which are making life a bit warmer in the studio but I think I need a warm wooly jumper....... or a woolen wrap, a nice big shawl...... something to cuddle up in.
Definitely cuddling weather.

1 comment:

  1. If your country jaunt should happen to be craft oriented...

    My car is awfully cosy.


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