Tuesday, 15 July 2008

strength in numbers- circuit

Leah from the gorgeous Milly Sleeping roped me in to her plans for inner-suburban-window-displays. She came up with a plan to have loosely linked displays at Milly Sleeping (Carlton), Since Grey (Fitzroy) and Cottage Industry (also Fitzroy) for the Melbourne International Design Festival. 
Leah chose 'Circuit' as our theme. She even came up with a Platonian quote (true) to work from "'....the Muses gave us art not for mindless pleasure' but 'as an aid to bringing our soul-circuit.....into order and harmony with itself.' Here he attributed the will to design, not to external influences, but to the need for internal balance." She has let us free rein to how we interpreted this, but the essence was looking at circularity, symmetry and interdependence.

OK I'm a little doily obsessed at the moment. And they are circular and a circuit (lots of little bits linked together to make a whole. And they link to the tree.

And they make beautiful shadows on the wall.

Please come pass and have a gander if you are in the neighbourhood. I've tried to get good photos but they just don't do the window justice.

Milly Sleeping 157 Elgin St Carlton
Since Grey 122 Gertrude St Fitzroy
Cottage Industry 67 Gertrude St Fitzroy

And there is going to be a party at Milly Sleeping next week- will post invite in a couple of days!


  1. You don't really do Down Time, do you Pen?

    Looks wonderful.

  2. don't have time to down sadly............
    I am a procrastinator extraordinaire and really exceedingly lazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy
    i just make it seem like i'm busy
    it's all smoke and mirrors

  3. Well Hello Doily (doilie?) (doillie?)
    I've been a bit underground of late, and oh, what gems were here when I finally came blinking into the virtual daylight again just now! You're such a WONDERFUL over-achiever. And I can testify that you create marvellous circuits and connections in so many other ways. LOVE your doilies.. xx


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