Saturday, 12 July 2008

pleats please

I'll be sitting in the shop this morning sewing buttons on the new pleated and patched wool skirts.
They are wool/poly (so that the pleats hold there needs to be a bit of thermoplastic fibre in the mix- you will be tested on this later in the year so remember to take notes for revision! Just messing with you!) with patches of shibori fabrics stitched on. The patches are stiffer than the wool and create this really cool swing to the skirt. I will be doing variations on this theme for a while to come- I have ideas.............
They are a limited run at the moment and each one is different around the same theme. I like them!


  1. Duly admired and noted.

    I think I have That Cold.

  2. Hi, it's Suzie, I met you in the shop today and had a chat about the sorry state the craft explosion has left many of us in! It was really refreshing to hear your point of view. :)

    Ps - I have always loved pleats, those skirts look pretty.

  3. Dear Pene, I just read your interview over at the design files and I must say I am smitten with your work and shop and I very much look forward to visiting you when I'm home next

  4. Right on with the scarily cheerful observation, more ranting and raving please!

  5. oh pene, those skirts look excellent, and you know what a sucker for some thermoplastic pleating...looking forward to seeing what the variations are


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