Monday, 7 July 2008


Leaving the studio earlier this evening, I came out into icy weather. Snow in the air. Brrrr.
I've got the uggs and the heaters on, and Spot has taken to her basket in front of the fake 'coal' fire.
I thought I'd use the photo above for today's icy post. It's a piece of vintage organdie I re-found in one of the boxes in the studio storeroom last week. Was looking for something else and stumbled across it. It's a beautiful piece, original I had about 1/2 a metre of it, full width, but I gave half away to L** to copy (bugger). Regrets I have many. The date on it is hard to work out. It has that sort of Dufy styling of the early C20th but could easily also be 20s, 30s or 50s. All periods where cotton organdie was popular. And the flowers in the design are carnations! I always hated carnies until someone gave me a bunch of miniature carnations- they were gorgeous- now I have a soft spot for them, they are so daggy! The background colour is an icy aqua blue with the flowers in white. I do love organdie.


  1. Miss Pen Pen thank you so much for your comment. I'm up and running password-wise.. for now anyway! And thank you for your friend Beck's sweet sentiment too. I really can't wait to receive images of your knitting event, how exciting that will be for me. Sorry you're feeling cold. Do wrap up now. Do you have vests in your country? I think it might be worth investing in one. Regards from your new blogging friend elsie

  2. winter is my favourite time of year as you can really be daggy with lots of home knits, bad shoes and lumpy socks


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