Tuesday, 8 July 2008

it's not me, it's you

Having reached the big 10,000 visitors to this blog since I put the stat counter on 6 months ago (and only a few thousand of those are me checking to see if anyone has left a comment!) I thought it was time to for me to say 'hello and thankyou for visiting'.
I have to say I'm blown away by all you people. I checked  the stat counter the other day, the one with the pins in the map to show where people are visiting from and it was totally amazing! USA, China, Estonia, Brazil, some little island in the Pacific, Spain, all those other European countries, UK, NZ, India...............wow! (And apologies if I missed anyone else.) And the little pins that I know are friends. Old friends like Andrea and Cam and the Peanut in Vancouver, Dell and Adam in Berlin/Rotterdam and new friends like the lovelies Elvis and Elsie. 
Closer to home I've got to meet so many new people (whose faces I don't always remember- forgive me Paula, I was distracted by the Spotlight salesperson wearing the nun's habit) and people who have become fast-and-furious-friends (yay for Shula!) and re-connected with old friends. Too many to mention. 
And wonderful things like finding there is a mother and daughter in deepest America who love Top Gear as much as me! All good!
So once again thankyou for visiting, no matter how close or how far away you are. 
I don't often respond directly to you if you leave a comment, I like to think we are all in the conversation together and I tend to reply in the comments box, a bit of a chat. What I'm trying to say is that although I can tell you've visited, don't be shy about leaving a message, we all want to hear what you have to say, what your up to.
I'm all embarrassed now for being really sucky so I'm going to go now and scoff a hot apricot pudding. 

As I said, it's not me, it's thankyou.



    Anyway, I thought you'd make a good blogger.

  2. In light of your recent milestone (congrats!), I'd just like to say thanks - I am enjoying your blog enormously.

  3. Wow! So that's 10,000 times people have read your blog and thought what a grrrrreat gal you are!
    Awww... I'm going all sucky too!
    I'm really happy to have (virtually) met you - so big thanks to lovely Dell for that too. xxxxx elvis

  4. ahhh. Don't thank us... THANK YOU! (willing to go into a 'no, thank YOU' kind of repetitive dialogue if you insist...) xx

  5. yeah, woman of the cloth, real funny...

    thanks for the bloody good blog.

  6. yeah, really thank you for such good reading and regular posting...

  7. Hey Pene that's a lovely post :) I too am so glad that blog-land has brought me into contact with you, and with so many other like-minded creative people :)

    but the main reason I am writing is because I was in Spotlight last week also and HOW GREAT is the Spotlight salewoman dressed up as a nun?!! I love her! She's something different everytime I go in there. It puts a spring in my step everytime I visit :) hee hee.

    Hey your interview is in the works - will be up on my site tomorrow morning! - Lucy


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