Friday, 30 November 2012

a sticky sweaty mess

Weather blah blah hot blah humid blurg.
I was fine most of yesterday as, although we topped 38º, it was for the main part 'dry heat' and I can function very well in that. Now it feels like 110% humidity and I am sweaty and grumpy. I was made for Perth dry and hot not Brisbane sweaty, sticky and hot. Enough of the weather.
I worked all day yesterday on the scarf dresses and they are slowly coming together, a few more facings and then I will have to tackle the hem trimming and binding. A journalist popped in to the studio yesterday to pick up samples I made for a feature and I think she was both fascinated and horrified about the state of the studio. I've got 6 projects happening, no time to clean and a pile of stuff waiting to be picked up by Graham the Garbo...... I'm feeling the Xmas clock starting to tick and I need to make haste! Chop chop sew sew.
By the way, as of this weekend we will be going into 7 day a week trading, the Cottage is now open on Sundays from noon until 4pm. We are still waiting on stock to arrive (like satchels...) and hopefully by early next week I will be complaining about where in hell we have room to stack stuff. I still have the big stock re-arrange to do as I just didn't have the energy to do it last Sunday after painting the window.
I'm waiting to hear whether I need to run up country for a couple of hours or go to the studio and try to get some work done. Ideally I would just like to spend the day with the fan and a cooling beverage.

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