Saturday, 17 November 2012


I delivered to TDF-OH yesterday which means that is all done and now I can concentrate on other things. I planned when I was south of the river to have a stickybeak around but the traffic was dreadful and I only managed to pop in on my old friend Geoffrey in his beautiful antiques shop, to check out one shop I used to like (disappointing) and then decide to head back north. I didn't even get out of the car for Marrimeko.
I dropped back into the shop and then to the studio to do some work. We've had some more vintage linens arrive this week and I've made up more floral cushions and discovered late that I was out of inserts for them- this always happens late on a Friday, unprepared as always! As I left the studio I stopped and looked at the pile of beautiful vintage scarves I'd tipped out of a bag earlier in the week. It definitely is high time I started work on the bias cut scarf dresses. It's been way too long but I think I am at the apex of procrastination and am ready to roll with them. They really are suited to the 'holiday season'. OK I'm convinced, I'll pull it all out next week and start on them. I promise.
In between the two paragraphs above I jumped in my car and raced over to Beatrix. I've just eaten an apricot crumble tart and it was a fabulous breakfast let me tell you! It was a grand way to start the day after dragging myself off the bed at 9.30 last night and then being woken by a mouse hunt in the bedroom this morning. Mouse is MIA, Jethro is hiding under the bunk in the shop.
I seem to have managed to get a bit done this morning but I need to finish the rest of the shop vacuum (polystyrene crumbs are a bugger to clean up, like glitter they keep appearing) and I have new stock to price. A box full of little ceramic animals and the most hilarious salt and pepper shakers arrived on Thursday and need to get them out on the shelves, I'll post photos over on I-gram and F-book later I think.
I think I better sign off otherwise I will lose that little window of time I seem to have gained this morning. I'm shopgirl, you know where to find me.



  1. I have not thought much at all about " the holiday season" yet this year, but I notice the Readings catalogue is in with The Age today so that's a bit of a sign.
    Looking forward to seeing the Christmas pretties you have in the Cottage over the next few weeks.

  2. ohhhh..... vintage scarves, swoon!

  3. Ooooh look at you Pene all I-gram and F-book :)
    I know I need to go there but I'm struggling! Xx
    ps. See you at the open house!


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