Wednesday, 21 November 2012


Yesterday was a long and frustrating day- appointments ran hours late, I got stuck in a traffic jam on the South Eastern, I forgot to eat lunch. It was a very weird day and the conversation at the op shop in Oakleigh took the cake.
Two volunteers talking about the Second World War. Lady #1: The only story my father ever told about the war was that the Germans gave him a vasectomy with no anaesthetic. He committed suicide you know.... how old was I? Oh, thirty. Lady #2: Well my father was a violent alcoholic and beat the crap out of us all. I suppose we are all victims of the war you know. Lady #1 taking my money: God bless you and take care of yourself dear.
I felt I was in a strange game of op-shop-one-upmanship. It was both macabre and faintly absurd.
I did spend the morning getting some of our new enamelware out into the shop and this evening hanging our beautiful embroidered Mexican tops. The shop is starting to feel very full and there are more things on the way. I've gone from feeling the shop was lacking to wondering where in hell we are going to stash stock. I'm also wondering whether we will sell it all and whether I have been too frenzied in my stockpiling.
I think I should spend a bit of time getting the online shop up and working again. What do you think? Another couple of days in front of the computer for me? The photo issue has been plaguing me for months, I always have trouble with the whole white background product shot look and think I should just go with the photos I often do, product in an environment. I think I am even leaning towards using my iPhone to do them. Which speaks to you more?
It is now 10 to one and really need to go to bed. I have a lot of stuff to do in the morning. A mountain of annoying things to think about and face. It really is a most stressful time of year for a poor little retailer.


  1. i love seeing product shots that are not all white backgrounds - it gives a better sense of scale as well. I visited The Cottage for the second time this weekend (on a visit from Canberra) and it is spectacular. Love your work!

  2. I think an on-line shop would be lovely but would that stretch you to breaking point????
    Christmas in retail must be the very devil - have heard some GREAT stories from my sister who works in a bookshop.
    Can't wait to see the enamel ware. Got a bee in my bonnet a couple of weeks ago that I wanted an enamel billy with lid to replace the manky plastic container we use to take scraps out to the compost. To cut a VERY VERY long story short - couldn't get one for love or money but at Aussie Disposals ended up with a stainless steel billy instead. I love enamel ware. Sorry about the essay, better go to work now xx

  3. Bring on the online store! take the photos anyway you want, product wins either way.


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