Tuesday, 13 November 2012

always look on the bright side

Thanks for all the messages about last night's post (via blog, facebook, email), it's nice to know that people understand the conundrums of staying true to what you do and not getting sidetracked by bright and shiny things swirling about. I went to the studio, worked on stuff, came home to this fabulous afghan that arrived in the post from Ann our Northern Queen of Crocheted Craft. By golly her work is freaking amazing. I have to admit the colours are a bit off as I put it through an Instagram filter but it is still pretty spectacular, just use your imagination to turn the fluoro down a little.
I've been pestering her to do some mixed colour afghans and she is using up all her odd bits of wool. I think we might have to photograph one of these and turn it into a digital print silk scarf. On the subject of scarves, we are now waiting for our tapestry ones to arrive, still weeks off but fingers crossed we get them before Xmas.....
It's the eclipse tomorrow morning! I must get up early enough to see the sun go dark. I've seen a total eclipse (and I did actually look at the sun, crazy accident, didn't go blind) and a couple (I think) partial eclipses but it is always the birdsong I remember most. Phenomena are always a whirl! Even more exciting is that we are in the peak of the 12 year cycle for the Aurora Australis so I have subscribed to the Radio and Space Weather Service and am excitedly hoping that if I can get to Tasmania (again) that I will get to see it.
I am an aurora nerd.

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