Saturday, 10 November 2012

it's looking a lot like

I didn't bother getting in the car to do the Saturday morning essentials shop today, I just wandered down the street. It's quiet at 9 on a weekend morning, just the way I like it. I noticed that it's starting to look a lot like Xmas... sigh. I think tomorrow will have to involve a big shop re-jig although I have no idea how I will manage it, perhaps it will make me feel a little perkier.
I'm feeling a little worn down but perhaps that is the two days on the computer sucking the life out of me. It was an exhausting process getting the mailing list up and running but it has been well worth it seeing all the feedback we are getting from people. I like to think it is not just that the satchels are on sale but more to do with reminding people that we are here. That is something I seem to forget that we need to do.
We've got a few things coming up over the next few weeks and things I forgot to tell you about. There is TDF Open House (but you all know about that) and we've had stock go out for Xmas guides and a pile of our digitally printed goodies is being photographed today too. Now I think I forgot to tell you where that 110 metres of bunting was destined for.... it's now draping a marquee down at Werribee Mansion where they are filming the Australian version of the Great British Bake Off (luckily they are not calling it the 'Great Aussie Bake Off' but going the full 'Australian' in the title), you can check it out on the Tube. The original is hosted by the fab Sue Perkins and the rather dishy Paul Hollywood (OK I like a man who can bake) and I wonder who they will pick for their double in this local version. Not being a fan of reality TV I'll probably watch 2 minutes to see the bunting and that will be it.

Remember the 20% OFF SATCHEL SALE finishes at 5pm today! We've still got a great selection and they are an absolute bargain. I've posted the list of sale prices here if you would like to check. If you miss out this time there is still the new shipment coming in soon (full price of course!).
OK I better get moving. There is a huge suck of vacuuming to do and stock to move about, Jethro to wrangle, birds to price..... the usual Saturday chores!

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  1. Am so pleased I bought my bunting before it becomes famous Australia wide! You'll be opening a little factory and employing a fleet of students to produce thousands and thousands of metres.......


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