Saturday, 24 November 2012

all will be well

If I'd ever got around to finishing this embroidery it would read 'all will be well' but the Design Files project it was started for got cancelled way back in about 2009 and it's been kicking about since then taunting me with it's un-finished-ness. Its sentiment is about right though, I've just got to hold in there and all will be fine. I really hate this time of the year, the lead up to the start of the Xmas rush. I've spent months hunting and gathering and making product, we've had things slip from our grasp and other things we had given up on suddenly happen. To mix my metaphors it's been a roller coaster of a few months.
I had another very late night on Thursday setting up the online store and was so delirious on Friday morning that I forgot to take everything I wanted to photograph to the studio, I could have banged my head against the wall in frustration. Instead of photographing I set to work on the scarf dresses, not the best things to work on when you are weary. They are fiddly and choosing which scarves go together to become all a bit OCD. The huge vintage wooden storage box some of the scarves live in is full to the brim and gravity compacts them down so once you start pulling scarves out it is like an erupting volcano. The studio by the end of the day was awash with the damn things. So far there is one dress that just needs its hem bound, one dress that needs neck facing and hem, a pile of bodices ready to do, a pile of bodies stitched together and another pile not together but ironed and ready to go. Bias cut dresses, what a pain in the patootie, they shouldn't be done when one is tired, I came home late in the afternoon and just wanted to have a good cry.
Here is my plan. Whilst we have slowly been filtering Xmas into the shop, tomorrow I plan to do the Xmas window and move stuff around in the shop. I need to make that step into the final month of the year. I'm going to race of to Deans this morning to get what I need for the morning and, fingers crossed, it works as I can't afford this week to blow any money, this week's budget has been stitched together so tightly it's going to be hard to breathe. A nerve wracking week coming up, big things happening. It's probably lucky that we aren't doing Markit tomorrow just for the sheer energy it would have drained.
I've put out all the enamelware and we've had our missing kangaroo salt and pepper shakers arrive. It's going to be hot today and our lovely Dahlia embroidered tops are hanging up on the rack. I'm sorry that we so much wool based stuff in the shop but we never seem to stop selling gloves and sock even on 40ÂșC days. Oh and wool reminds me, we've had a huge shipment of spotty knitting needles come in too, Dell loves the smell of the wax Jim uses on them so I always leave it up to her to unpack them- she knew the parcel had arrived by the scent when she arrived for the day!
There are probably other things to chew your ear off about but I need to get off to the art shop.
I'm Saturday shopgirl today as usual, pop in for a visit!

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  1. See you this arvo ... Typing in bed.... Need a bucket of coffee x


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