Friday, 23 November 2012

shop in your pyjamas

Midnight and I have managed to get the new online store up and running. Not that it has many products in it yet and I am still fine tuning stuff so my apologies if it is a bit clunky. We've swapped over to Shopify and I am still getting used to things. I need to get photos sorted and load it all but I think it will be OK. Like always, my photos are all over the place, different styles and filters but then it wouldn't be me if it was all uniform.If you are ordering anything please remember that the shipping costs won't appear until the end. You'll need to enter all your details and then it should calculate it.
I had a little play with setting up somewhere to photograph in the studio. I'm liking one of the walls over by the windows and although it breaks all the product shot rules the light is lovely and I think it will work. I might need to repaint a bit as there are marks all over the wall and move some shelves but then the studio needs a big sort anyway (I started it but no where near finished yet).
All that is up in the virtual shop at the moment is a few satchels but I'm going to try and get a few more photos done tomorrow. I must go to bed NOW though........

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