Thursday, 29 November 2012

i'm your greatest fan

A perfect day to sit very still on a stool with a fan directed full in the face. 
You can expect all us Melbourne bloggers to be talking about the whether today. 
I'm hoping these stinker days mean that we end up with a Summer thermometer set at about 28º, that would do me nicely.
I don't expect that anyone will venture out today unless they are scurrying from an air-con house to an air-con car but if you do we have some lovely embroidered 'Dahlia' top in the shop that would be perfect for a day like today. I'm sitting here in a cheesecloth dress that was still wet from the washing line this morning. I'm not sure whether its dampness is keeping me cool or just making me, well, damper. I have painted the toenails on my rather Wintery feet as the Birkenstocks have come out today. I've ticked off a few season first in the last 24 hours- cherries, apricots, toenails. 
We headed south of the river for the TDF-OH last night which was a grand affair. We left when the temperature inside began to rise and we kept missing the food round... oh that goat's curd on toasted fruit bread and the baguette with slices of ham and dollops of runny cheese... we should have snaffled more... 
I want to get to the studio to shut all the windows and attempt to keep the temperature down (it's going to be foul in there) otherwise I would list all our lovely design/art/craft friends who were there, you know who they are though! 

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