Thursday, 15 November 2012


I'm running a bit late today. I slept in after yesterday's early rise to see the eclipse, which I didn't end up seeing as I got the time wrong and when it happened I was staring at the light on a wall. Oh well. It did mean I got to the studio about an hour earlier than I usually manage.
I think I am about ready with stock to go to TDF-OH, I just need to tag the stock, print a list and load the car in the morning. Today I've promised myself that I can finish off a few things and start to cut out some more Summer clothing.The thought of Xmas stock is still making me queasy. Dell is sick of my fidgety moaning- as am I. Stupid stupid stupid.
New things if you come into the Cottage today- orange bound felt and blanket oven mitts and vintage Italian cotton hankies... oh and some new Welshies and afghan throws (they went in yesterday morning). I hope some parcels arrive today.
Studio bound!

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