Monday, 26 November 2012

a gum blossom xmas

This year's Xmas window has gone through a few developments in my head, it seemed that gum leaves were always going to be a component. I even sent Dell out to keep her eyes open for branches of the ones I was after. Somehow though it morphed into something else- still with leaves- and there I was on Sunday morning painting the window.

Think gum blossom and wiggly leaves. Think an Australian country Xmas. Ironing board and Hill's Hoist, kids dumping their bags on the table on the last day of school, the pots of tea and the CWA recipe book ready to make sponge cake and slices and preserve Summer in a bottle.
It's corny and idealised beyond belief but I rather like it. All it needs is a soundtrack of cicadas and the cricket turned down low on the radio, a sleepy and endless Summer.

Miss Ramona says I never do real Xmas windows (I did point out the year before last we did actually have a tree) but there are fairy lights behind the leaves so to me that qualifies it as one. I've said before, the Australian light makes tinsel a bit to garish and when you've done the Northern Xmas in snow and cold and darkness then you understand the need for lights and glitter.
We've used one of our silk scarves as backdrop, it really needs an iron but I was too exhausted from all the painting and faffing about yesterday to get the iron out. This scarf also appeared in yesterday's Sunday Age and now we are waiting on our production to arrive. As of this weekend we will be open 7 days a week and I am still slowly popping our festivus stock out. I feel like I have already done Xmas but it is all still to come.


  1. wet towels and sand, it isn't Christmas without wet towels and sand thru the house. Lovely window.

  2. not idealised at all: This Is My Life - all except the ironing board.
    Totally agree re tinsel for the southern Christmas.
    Window looks beautiful Pen!

  3. So joyous...I am transported...too clever -x-


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