Tuesday, 27 November 2012

click thunk

I spent today in the studio going a little crazy. I'm putting it down to a mixture of stress over the last week, the rain, the humidity and playing with the camera trying to take product shots for the on-line store. I would have loved to have stayed in bed and listened to the rain and the thunder this morning. It reminded me of Novembers past.
I set up a corner of the studio and had to wait for the afternoon light to change before mucking about with choosing and setting up stock. I don't think the photos are the greatest but they seem to show things ok for now. I've got more things to go up so stay tuned and if there is anything you would like featured then just drop me an email. We can even set up special orders if you are after something specific.
I'm not sure where to start in the studio (I know, you've heard it all before...). The scarf dresses are not to be worked on with a fuzzy head! Tomorrow I'll run out and get things I need and then see what I can focus on. Tomorrow night is going to be exciting though as it is the preview of the TDF-OH, a night for all us designers and contributors. I'll let you know how it all looks!
Time for bed now I think.

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  1. THe welshies look lovely on the chair in the shop shots - so simple. Forgive me if I pin them (full credit to the cottage of course!)


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