Saturday, 1 December 2012

thud (a girl can dream)

A quick sprint up country yesterday. I didn't stay long but I got to see one of my favourite derelict houses, perhaps not so derelict as a new roof went on a few years back.I love its big sash windows and its sunbleached weatherboards (makes me think Kevin McCloud 'the larch cladding will fade to grey'). I imagine this house with a veranda/deck running around it, sitting as if on a raft in a sea of meadow/paddock. Pretty much what you see here, except I am living in it.

Back to Earth.
Saturday shopgirl.
Still humid but much cooler (weather not shopgirl....).
A sore wrist from lugging a bag of stock around in a very stupid manner.
I've misplaced my current favourite necklace, annoying, and need to make more of them for the shop.
We are in a 'holding pattern' at the moment waiting for shipments to arrive. We have now entered the countdown until Xmas and it is always a bit scary! Do we have enough stock, do we have the right stock, will people come, are we open long enough, when can I get my Xmas baking done, will I be civil enough to work the four days leading up to Xmas by myself?
We got our tea towel cushions and silver satchel in yesterday The Age (Melbourne) Magazine 100 Gift Guide.... what a mouthful.... pictures are over on FB. Be warned there aren't many metallic satchels left so you better be quick, not like last year when we had the green in the gift guide and a guy turned up on Xmas Eve expecting there to be one left, you could see the panic in his eyes when we said 'no, sold out weeks ago'.
Xmas shopping hours start today so that means we are open everyday up 'til 5pm on the 24th of December. That means I have to get out of bed tomorrow and open the shop- 12noon until 4pm- not too arduous really. Please come and visit. I must remember to change all of the times in all of our 'social media platforms' (ha).
OK time to get a move on. See you when I open the shop at 11am.

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