Wednesday, 5 December 2012

half a shipment better than none

So it appears that half our satchel stock hopped on a direct flight from Paris and the rest took a slow boat to China, then Singapore and is making its way leisurely to Sydney ⇒ Derrimut ⇒ Fitzroy. Hopefully it will all be here by Friday. It was great getting the stock today though and we've unpacked a whole pile. CamSat have got their act together and they now have lovely perfect sized cartons with inserts and they even list all the stock in each box on the outside- after the lunacy of past deliveries this was absolute heaven! They were an easy size to lug around and I don't think I've put my back out too much this time.
While waiting for the delivery I loaded a pile of stock into the new online store, enamelware, milkshake beakers, satchels, cushions, purses, salt and pepper shakers..... We have worked out postage into three prices depending on the total and all shipping in Australia is via Australia Post Express Satchels. If you want to order from the Rest of the World we will work out the shipping and let you know the total. We are using PayPal at the moment as it's always been the easiest way to go. If you have a special request we can set up a sale just for you, just drop me an email!
I worked hard in the studio yesterday and got the scarf dresses done finally, they are in the shop, a few in each size. We've been waiting since June for the satchel order but have also been waiting for our bilum order to arrive. Dealing with intermittent email access in Papua New Guinea has been an absolute pain in the patootie. Yesterday the shipment arrived. I'm going to do a post all about the bilums when a get a little time in the next few days.
OK that's it for the business-y stuff.
Time to go read my book and get some sleep.

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