Monday, 3 December 2012

tied, tired, tried

There may have been a bit of a sleep in this morning. Monday morning between 8 and 9 is now my Sunday. Thanks to everyone who dropped in yesterday and also thanks to the people who crossed the river from TDF-OH to buy things as apparently they had sold out of some of my stock. I seem to have quite a bit to do in the studio this week. Today though I have to catch up on ordering and tracking shipments and answering emails.
The huge satchel order (20 boxes I believe....... gulp!) is on its way but the online tracking is scaring me a little as the damn things seem to be jumping backwards and forwards between various airports in Britain and occasionally popping up in Paris. I'd been hoping like the last big shipment that this one would magically appear in 2 1/2 days.... a watched shipment never arrives.... the other shipment we are waiting on is stuck in Brisbane it seems. I am not sure that online tracking is a great thing, I just get even more impatient watching as shipments circle the globe!
Better get started on things.
Lots to do and catch up on.

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  1. Tracking a package (or twenty) is such a strange experience. I cant believe some of the weird routes things take sometimes. Your work looked amazing at TDF-OH - congratulations as always x


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