Tuesday, 4 December 2012

leicester, stansted, paris, stansted, poyle, stansted, paris.......

Seriously this Fedex tracking app is driving me crazy. Our satchels seem to just be bouncing between Stansted and Paris, with stop-overs in Leicester and Poyle. I have visions of satchels flying in formation, like birds going north/south for the Winter/Summer, wheeling and dipping over the countryside, a huge V of leather-y goodness, their buckles glinting in the light.
They are meant to be here by Friday, as in 'here, in shop', I'm thinking that is slipping out of our grasp each day. Come on Fedex! Pull your finger out! I want my satchels here NOW!

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  1. Hi Pene, I went into your store today and thought it looked beautiful. It's by far the best shop in Melbourne ( then St Luke's art supply store). KBx


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