Sunday, 9 December 2012

sunday morning sermon

Sunday morning.
Shattered after a night of nightmares and fraught feelings.
I'm a fairly quiet type, all for the peaceful life and sometimes I find being on public show at the shop quite overwhelming. Well yesterday managed to be one of those days that knocks me about. It seems we got the overflow from the Big Design Market and being the first shop they get to I got all manner of unpleasant behaviour.
Everyone who has worked at the Cottage has  commented on how lovely our customers are, how different from other shops and maybe it is because of this, when we get someone nasty it hits like a sledgehammer. Yesterday I had the woman out to copy stock, a couple more who wanted to pick fights and be nasty, strange comments about the shop and about BDM, people who walked into the shop three paces and then huffed and walked out.... it just went on all day. Luckily I had a few friends and old customers who came by to sweeten the mix.
In situations like this I put peoples behaviour down to different styles of shopping. Most people I know shop local, shop independent and are aware that the person in the shop is quite probably the owner and works long and hard to create a retail space that is very close to their heart and personal and that having a small business is a very stressful thing. It also seems that many people at the moment think that it is OK to ask for a discount (thank you media) and those attending markets still think with a bargain hunter's market mentality. A chain store can handle a discount because, guess what, they factor it in, do you think they don't make money when a sale is on?
Anyway, here finishes the Sunday Morning Sermon.
I'm in the shop from noon to 4 and I'm not in the mood to deal with anyone's crap.
Maybe everyone will be better behaved today now that the cool change has come through.

Mrs Jones it's your turn to do the flowers next week and fill the tea urn.
Tea and cake will be served in the vestry and could the last out switch off the lights.
Thank you.


  1. Discounts? are people stupid or mental or what?
    Just mean, I suspect. People who try to bargain in OP-SHOPS are the ones I want to slap. Hard.
    People are going crazy in that pre-Christmas way. Some kids let off a fireworks rocket thing in the parkland behind our house last night at about 11 waking me up; the week before they CHOPPED AT TREE DOWN. Ferals.
    I am sick of craft copycatting - it must drive you insane.
    I worked yesterday - it was DEAD. Everyone off shopping, driving people like you nutty.
    I'll be in with a care package/food parcel on that weekend before Christmas - think you'll need it!

  2. Oh Pen, you just expressed EXACTLY how I feel when people scoff at paying a fair price for HANDMADE items or when they loudly discuss their intentions to copy the items I sell (all of which I personally selected from lovely Aust Indy Designers/Crafters whom I regard as friends!) and wonder why I'm glaring openly at them! Sounds like you had the worst day yesterday, I hope today has been the exact opposite. One of those days that leaves you feeling proud of what you've created and full of gratitude for all of the (no doubt) lovely regulars that your divine shop attracts. x

  3. oh no! heidi and i went by yesterday but couldn't get a park within 100 miles so gave up. wish we could have come and modelled some non-nutter behaviour, perhaps scoffed at a couple of losers with you. see you next time.


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