Monday, 10 December 2012

dog day

After a right shit of a weekend we opened the shop door this morning to a wave of lovely customers. People who smiled and said hello and chatted and laughed. Thank you.
Then I hunkered down to await the delivery of the rest of our satchel stock. Fedex you really suck sometimes but you do make up for it when you know you having been bad. many phone calls later a lovely delivery lady wheeled three trolley loads full from around the corner where she'd been lucky enough to find a parking spot. The satchels priced and the boxes carted upstairs and I am now living in a room with its own cardboard fort. Jethro is not sure whether it is a giant scratching post or a play fort which he climbs and surveys his kingdom from (Jethro and his own little Game of Thrones).
We've got so many colours and sizes of satchel we don't know where to put them all. It's all a bit crazed in the shop...... perhaps we are lucky that the pianola lampshades are still not delivered.
OK. Here are the satchels.....
11" fluoro yellow, fluoro green, fluoro orange, fluoro pink, cobalt,purple, green,red, yellow, pink,vintage brown, oxblood
13" fluoro green, fluoro pink, fluoro yellow, green, red,oxblood, vintage brown, yellow, cobalt
14" fluoro pink, fluoro yellow, fluoro green, red, cobalt,green, yellow, dark brown, black,vintage brown, oxblood
15" fluoro green, dark brown, vintage brown, red,cobalt,oxblood, yellow,green, purple, pink, fluoro pink

Time to go do other things.

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