Friday, 7 December 2012

and a cockatoo too

At the end of a fractured day yesterday I finally got into the studio and worked until sunset. When I had studios at home late nighters were common but these days my work is often split between things I do in the studio in daylight hours and things I do at home in the evenings. Once I got over the grizzly hump of wanting to be at home vegetating on the couch I settled into the work. I took comfort in my plastic cockatoo friend who kept watch from the windowsill.
I left a note in the wheatbag display tray yesterday apologising for running out so they were one of the main reasons for doing a sewing cram last night. Done. And we needed tea towel cushions. Done. And we were low on linen floral cushions as well. Done.
This morning, as Fedex has broken my heart (the other half of our delivery has got 'lost' in transit again and I'm waiting to hear if it will appear today as promised) I'm going off to the Big Design Market to have a stickybeak and chat to lovely people I know. Once again I had a moment of 'crap, should I be doing it?' when I ran into someone I know who is going to be there. I really should stay away from some people who mess with my head.So the market is on up the road and I will be in the shop all weekend, come and visit if you are in the area!
I'm doing my pre-Xmas retailer's panic if you haven't guessed. It's compounded by the bloody satchel slow-boat-to-China style of delivery and six months of plans falling through. Please forgive me if I seem frayed around the edges. I'll calm down soon. Perhaps I should just stroll around stroking a plastic cockatoo clutched in my arms. Or rock gently back and forth sitting outside under the magnolia tree. Ha!
OK, I'm starting to giggle now. Just not sure whether it is in amusement of my own wit or that the top is about to blow off my head. If you hear a steam whistling sound and a pop-and-splatter you know which it is.

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