Monday, 13 October 2008


This is a post I wrote yesterday and didn't, um, post.............
Today was no better than Friday.
Perhaps a severe case of Monday-ititis. 
Or just the result of a 4 day head-ache bout. 

I had to laugh (sort of) though, listening to RRR's 'resident naturopath' talking about music therapy to help with chronic pain. Let me just say, someone who hasn't experienced chronic pain should not give advice to someone who has. She was saying how she doesn't take painkillers- ptthwt I say! Painkillers are my friend! Every time I'm laid low I give thanks for modern medicine! It might be incredibly un-PC today to say yes to opiates but let me tell you, if they can get you out of bed, give you a decent night's sleep, let you function through the day, then I'm all for them. 

This is today's post............
I've decided on a mental health afternoon. It has been a strange type of day, spent a few hours in at RMIT when I should have been in the studio, then back home to pick up the car and run some errands and getting suss on the junkies out the back and deciding I didn't have the head-space to work on studio projects but might hang at home instead, although home is still work.... and then finding two posts that just made my day and the need to share them with y'all.

Have I told you how much I love Elsie? Anyone who calls her blog 'Punk Pensioner' wins a huge elephant stamp from me! Her latest post deals with an on-going issue of growing old gracefully, well, actually, Ms Elsie Dinsmore wants to grow older 'disgracefully' but certainly not looking like this! (Thanks to Lovely Miss Elvis for turning us all on to the Punk P!)

The other post was from someone closer to home. Sneaky Crafty's printing post had me sniggering, hell, I had only just got in from RMIT and the Tertiary World and this just made my day. I just love that someone had the sense of humour/the ridiculous/the truth to send out an email saying that! Go and have a look for yourself- I'm still laughing at how apt it is!

Really should go and do something I suppose.

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  1. And you, in turn, made my day! Thanks for this :)


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