Saturday, 11 October 2008


Friday was one of those days. It was like those times when every piece of clothing in your wardrobe is uncomfortable, when nothing feels right. Except it was the making of stuff that didn't feel right. I flitted from project to project but nothing 'fitted' comfortably. Maybe I just have too many  things on the boil at the moment. But really some days you just shouldn't work on particular projects. Some projects need a zen-like state to get them done, others need precision and agile fingers and if you don't get the mood right you just end up frustrated and annoyed. Not that I got to either zen or frustrated/annoyed, as I said I was 'flitting'. The good thing was I was totally aware of the mood I was in so I didn't get really shitty about my lack of focus. That was a big plus, normally I get to a screaming stage and don't know why.
Anyway I got a few things done.
A few more doorstops (until I ran out of shell-grit), I few more purses sewn into components (until I got bored), a few more bag outers (until I got bored), diary cover design sorted (see above- in store soon) (until I got bored), a couple of linen chemises cut out and one sewn up(see background of photo above)  (left it at studio, had to go back to get it), etc.
So today I am shop-girl. Need to get my handwork project for the day sorted. Can't read the newspaper all day! Of course if you all came in to visit then I would be busy and wouldn't need things to do. As I've said before 'idle hands are the devil's plaything'.


  1. Pen, I don't think I have EVER seen you hands idle.

    The very idea makes me laugh.

  2. wow - I wish I could have your insight - I'm of the blow-up disposition unfortunately. Would LOVE to see more of your chemises...

  3. i had that happen all last weekend - nothing went actually wrong but it wasn't quite right either. some sort of restlessness of mind that translated into not being able to create :(



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