Tuesday, 21 October 2008

hey hey hey it's the motley crew sale!

Well I've just spent the last 24 hours sorting and marking stock.
There's going to be a SALE.

It's going to be at the now closed Alice Euphemia store at 114 Gertrude St in Fitzroy.
It's going to be on this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (23-25 of October) and the doors will be open from 10am 'til 6pm for all your bargain hunting delight.
Cash only.

Let me say that I have seriously marked down a whole pile of stock and I don't want to lug it all back to the studio so come along and BUY, BUY, BUY. There is some lovely knitwear that is very cheap and wintery stock and some totally bargain gems.............. so if you had your eye on something I'm sure you'll get it for a song. Also summery stock and samples........ oh and its not just my stuff..... there's clothing by Tina Kalivas, Marnie Skillings, Lucy Hinkfuss and many more........... but best of all, there is going to be work from  Iggy and Loulou

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  1. Hello penelope,
    I realise this is a strangely informal avenue to contact you through but I wasnt sure how else to. My name's Bec Rigby and I'm a textile design student at RMIT Tafe and an ardent admirer of your designs!
    I'm on assignment from my contemporary art and design class, taught by Ilka White, who you might know and I was wondering if you would mind if I asked you a few questions about your design practice some time.
    Please feel free to contact me any time at rfarigby@gmail.com

    Thanks and ta!
    Bec rigby


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