Sunday, 19 October 2008

jumpy as a cat on a nylon carpet

I still can't settle to one thing. It's been a long and stressful week and I have been jumping awake during the night to the smallest sound. I really need some kitten stress relief.
I also need to get some work finished. No starting one job, leaving it unfinished and then moving on to the next. I think this might be one reason for not feeling like I am getting anywhere. 
It's, also, been quiet in the shop and this has made me overly zingy. God damn this Financial Crisis! I need to live in hope that the Xmas Spending Spree will begin sooner rather than later. 
Teaching has basically finished for the year which means more time, no money- never a balance in life is there.....
On Sundays I try to stay at home, do something fun or basically try and stay out of the studio. Sundays usually consist of vacuuming, washing, cups of tea, putting out the rubbish, reading the newspaper but mainly just flitting from one thing to the next. The vacuum cleaner is still sitting at the top of the stairs, half used. Yep, there is still crap everywhere. 
And I spent the day nibbling. I haven't had cheese for ages. Time for a cheese splurge! Dodoni and ricotta! Mmmmm. Last night it was green beans with dodoni and a steak (I realised I hadn't had red meat in forever..... also mmmmmm). And I'm still obsessed by beetroot chips and double dipped Cherry Ripes. Really balanced diet I'm on at the moment......... Oh well. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow.
Anyway as I titled this- jumpy as a cat on a nylon carpet- that's me.


  1. Do I Spy the most adorable handbag in that cabinet? Mmmmm... you're a craft porn-pusher, you are. xx

  2. There is such a thing as double-dipped Cherry Ripes? I may just have to move to Melbourne sooner rather than later!!


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