Monday, 27 October 2008

rose is a rose is a rose

I couldn't resist walking home from the studio via Gore Street this afternoon, even though it is a bit of a loop.
The roses are out in time for Cup Day and this street has the best display of roses around. All trained standard (I think) roses. Old and with huge blown blooms. My favourite house at this time of the year is the fifties doctored terrace above and below. The roses are too hilarious and fabulous.
Worth a visit. 

I had C.W. Stoneking on the iPod and felt all New Orleans-y as I wandered along. You could smell the roses on the breeze. 


  1. Look, I KNOW I should be looking for housing in Brunswick, but Fitzroy keeps calling me...

  2. I saw some of the finest roses today in..... Brunswick!


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