Monday, 20 October 2008

it's great, britain

In the latest edition of English Elle Decoration there was an article about this amazing art installation in London. ArtAngel has put this on, its called Seizure and its be Roger Hiorns and I want to see it! He flooded a building with a solution of copper sulphate, left it for 2 weeks and when it was drained all the surfaces were covered in blue crystals- I bet you all did this experiment in school! I did and my dad still hasn't forgiven me for leaving a jar of copper sulphate to leak through my school bag and into the carpet in the living room- oops.
Sorry about the size of the photo but I couldn't find any larger. There is a teacher's pack you can download from the ArtAngel site with pictures of the process.
It's free and they even supply gum-boots (although I believe you can bring your own but you still have to queue (!)).  Big call out to Char -can you, please, please go for all of us who can't?

I'm also very taken with the Wellcome Collection. It's a gallery/museum in London that is, as they say on their website, all about Medicine/Life/Art. It only opened earlier this year and it looks fantastic, both the building and their exhibitions. At the moment they have work created by Mark Clarke called Clarke's Cabinets of Cures.  I really want to go to this museum, it combines  science,  medicine, anthropology and a hefty pinch of the gruesome. 
As you may have guessed I want to run away at the moment.............. 


  1. whoah, nellie....

    Hope that credit card's out of reach.

  2. Oh! Oh! Pen, you are possibly my favouritest person on the blogosphere at the moment... I want to see those sights you have just suggested... let me clear next weekend's itinerary and put new batteries in the camera. Thank you! How rude that it's only Monday!

    (And we are always happy to have you here in Londontown, especially if you bring TimTams (-:)

  3. Char
    send us through the photos and I'll send you a care-package of tim-tams AND double dipped cherry ripes!
    (email through your address and i'll send a package even without the photo blackmail!)


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