Wednesday, 1 October 2008

a clutch of purses

All this talk of crashing stock markets and recession has made me jittery.
It reminds me of the early 90s and when we closed the shop in East Prahran-  arrggh.
Great time to open a shop huh?!

I've been re-jigging the purse patterns, new styles, re-vamped old styles. This is the first batch done, vintage linen and cottons, ticking lining and 20cm frame. It's more of a rounded shape than the usual granny purse I do- the box bottom grannies are under way as well. In fact I'm going to sneak a batch into RMIT today and use the fuse press to get them ready (wish I hadn't got rid of the old table-top presser I found at the Salvo's- one of those brain-frenzy times when cleaning up that I have repeatedly regretted- if anyone sees an old Elna-press going cheap give me ahoy).

Let's hope that this week is better in the shop than the last. When it's quiet you start to think what you are doing is not working or is rubbish....... and that just leads to an ever descending cycle of self-doubt and depression. 
I do have to say that on Saturday I had lots of lovely interstate people in the shop. Clare from Queensland had me smiling with her praise and how she just kept wandering in circles around the shop going 'oh!'. It's those times, when someone sees what you are doing with fresh eyes, that makes you feel everything will be OK.


  1. The clutch of purses are BEOOTIFUL!
    Hope everyone has at least has a little pocket money left to put in them.

  2. Seems I'm not the only one in need of a mantra.

    Everything will be okay.


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