Saturday, 25 October 2008

muggy days

Have you ever had one of those days when you've run all your errands and you are all ready for the day and thinking 'I have all the time in the world now' and you look down and your 'clean' white shirt is grey with newspaper print?
Well the washing machine is filling as I write and I've ferreted out another top to wear. The weather is looking hot hot hot and I'm sneezing with late Spring hayfever. I wasn't built for hot weather, too white and pink and redly sweaty. Attractive huh? I love Spring and Autumn, mid 20s, coolish breeze when it's on the warm side, warm breeze when it's cool and long light, no sun beating down on the crown of your head- how perfect............

Finally getting a little bit of summery stock in store. There are two new tops and more new styles lined up for next week. The cushions are growing legs and walking out the door at the moment, which means I better get on the sewing machine. It also means that if you liked one of the new linen cushions you better hot-foot it in because they are disappearing and with nearly all those fabrics, that's it- no more, all gone, so sad.


  1. I was not meant for summer either...thank goodness we are into my fave season...fall. I feel your pain. ;-)

  2. See, now you're going to have to sew like a Mother to keep up.

    May your cushions continue to leave you.


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