Wednesday, 22 October 2008


I'm sure you are all used to me groaning about how messy my house is.
It's even worse now that I've begun carting home the big plastic storage boxes full of vintage glass Xmas decorations from the studio. I'm slowly opening each box up and marveling at the beauty of these fragile things.
And they all need to be priced because they are all going into the shop.
I've been collecting these for a few years now with the plan to sell them when I got a nice big pile together. Now is the time.
There is some stunners. Hand blown, hand painted, indents, drops and kugels (balls), mercury glass and clip on birds (actually I'm keeping those), frosted with snow scenes and fabulous fifties ones with 'peace' spelt out in ovals of snow. 
I' was fascinated by the indents when I was a kid. For some reason we didn't have them on our Xmas trees (probably because we broke them.....) and I would be found checking them out on Other People's Christmas Trees. They kind of spooked me. If you looked at them head-on they looked rather like eyeballs. In fact I think they still do but I love them.
Even though we didn't have indents on our tree we used to have something even more special.
When we lived in Doncaster we lived opposite to an apple coolstore and every Xmas The Tullys would sell Christmas trees. We would carry over the road and put it up in the family room and if we were really lucky we would find an iridescent Christmas beetle crawling through the branches. The most beautiful of Xmas decorations.
Whilst I hate decorations being in stores too early (all the department stores have got them set up already) you can expect these to be in the Cottage in a couple of weeks- if you are dying to see them earlier let me know.

*Have carted the last 2 boxes home from the studio tonight........... so many to mark..........


  1. You've got clip on birds???

    Damn, girl.....

  2. Hiya,

    When are you closing for Christmas? I'm dying to come into the store, but I live in Brissy and only get to Melb at Christmas time to see the folks. My fingers are crossed that I'll be there in time!

  3. dear L
    looks like we'll be open right up to the last bell on Xmas Eve............. which looking at the calendar is apparently a Wednesday....
    I think at this stage the shop will be closed between Xmas and New Year for a well earned rest.
    We'll be open in January but with 'holiday hours' (that is yet to be decided!)
    I'll post our Xmas trading hours in the next few weeks so stay tuned.

  4. the gorgeous iridescent beetle reminded me that your christmas is warm. seems weird to me - do you put snow on your trees..? we're already shivering here. your vintage decorations are stunning.

  5. you must be kidding, you are really selling these?
    amazing miss p simply amazing...
    very glad however that you are keeping the clip on birds.
    I cant believe you still have them, Matt and I managed to trash all the good 'olden days' decorations in the 70's clearly my parents didn't have the foresight of the Durstons!

  6. Dear Pen
    I was in your shop on Saturday and bought the most gorgeous owl who is sitting happily on the sideboard next to my felt cat! also when will your xmas decos be up for sale? Cheers Can


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