Tuesday, 28 October 2008

operation dark crystal

How exciting is this!
Char did it! She accepted the mission to visit 'Seizure' and has posted the photos.
It looks fantastic and I am yellowy-blue with envy.
The girl is going to get Tim-Tams and Double Dipped Cherry Ripes in her Xmas stocking.
Thanks Char!


  1. Hi Pen! Photos look awesome up here, of course you're welcome to use the images as you wish. Email me your addy if you want the brochure? charinthecity@gmail.com
    Don't worry about the timtams and cherry ripes (you are too sweet!!) as with Christmas coming, the credit crunch and winter fast approaching (and my waistline possibly expanding with English comfort food) you can save the money and the postage. I have to thank you anyway, it made a fantastic 3rd date!

  2. PS: yes, Dave and I are now officially an item after that date... I like to think waiting for gumboots and the amazing crystals helped. (-: So I owe you!

  3. so jealous, it looks amazing...


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