Wednesday, 15 October 2008

you light up my life

Well the first batch of lampshades have arrived.
Of course I don't have any photos to post yet as they arrived this morning just as I was leaving for school and I didn't get home 'til it was dark. 'But' I hear you say 'they are lightshades, pop a bulb in and fire them up!'. Do you know how hard it is to photograph a lit-up lampshade?! Actually probably not that hard but I can't be bothered, my brain is sludge, my feet hurt and basically I can't be knackered! Tomorrow I say!
I will however muster a little energy to say that they are in three different materials- tea-towels (of course), shibori and in two sizes in Pianola paper. They give off a lovely light, I have a Pianola one set up upstairs to light the big room and the glow is really beautiful, all golden and soft. There is a tea-towel shade in the front window for you to have a look at as you go by on the tram and I'm very pleased with the shibori one, which has been made from 3 fabrics and is all spotty and pretty unlit and lit up. The rest arrive on Saturday morning. Prices from $99 to $115, all handmade here in Melbourne Town.
And of course you really need to see them at night to get the full effect..........

Think my bed is calling................

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  1. they sound utterly bloody beautiful. I'm with you on how hard it is to shoot a lampshade... whilst they're all about light and shadow etc - they're a bugger to get right in a photo. Can't wait to see yours - bet they're delicious. Haven't had a chance to email you yet but hope to tonight or tomorrow. Sending some drab old uk rainy day love your way in the meantime. xxx e


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