Tuesday, 7 October 2008


(lyre-bird + tea-cosy = sold)

When I wrote about St Francis on Saturday, little did I realise it was actually his festival on the weekend. There was a blessing of the animals (and at the Edinburgh Gardens, a ecumenical bike blessing) and according to the newspaper it was mostly dogs and a couple of rabbits in a box (which might end up with lots of rabbits in a box shortly). The cats apparently decided to stay home in the sun. Smart cats.

I have so many projects started at the moment, and therefore so many project half-finished, that I feel all over the place. The studio consists of piles of crap dotted around all horizontal surfaces, boxes with stuff spilling out of them and unwashed tea-mugs. 
Have I told you that I think my inability to keep horizontal surfaces free of clutter is genetic?I reckon both my parents have the same 'horizontal surface' gene, so I have no chance! Wherever I am, clutter follows. It's always work stuff. Piles of receipts, magazines, work..... and the washing. I hate putting washing away and just end up pulling clothes out of the baskets that cluster around my bed. 
Anyway, the whole point of this rambling is to tell you about the tea-cosies!
Yes! Scary tea-cosies made from 'other people's craft'. Oh how we love 'other people's craft'!
All that work shoved in a bottom draw- to be reborn as some other crafty thing.
Tea-cosies, two sizes (small/medium and medium/large) and each of them different. 
And they are all made from hand embroidered doilies. And, yes, that is a lyre bird.


  1. That is a gorgeous lyre bird! How lovely.

  2. ok seriously, that lyre bird cannot leave the studio...
    cheques in the mail,
    name your price

  3. Beautiful.

    Still waiting on the lamp shades.

    I am genetically incapable of putting washing away. Incapable.

  4. the bird stinks


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