Wednesday, 29 October 2008


They have arrived!
Something's Hiding in Here make 'moustaches on a stick'. Two styles- Barber and Barman.

I think the boys upstairs from my studio are going to need to start hiding behind one or three of these faux-taches- they managed to flood my studio this morning. You read that right, water pouring through the floorboards all over the shelves and my cutting table. Let's say all my good intentions for the day went out the window........... it was very hard to concentrate after all that excitement. Excitement- huh, yeah right.........

But the moustaches are excellent- and hilarious- hours of entertainment for all the family and there is a whole flickr page of photos for you to peruse- cats, dogs, babies, people.... all wearing fauxtaches! Go on you know you want to! They'll be in-store Saturday (you could even wear one to the Cup!).

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