Tuesday, 28 October 2008

don't even write

I have to tell you I hate openings with a passion. I always feel like the country-hick-redheaded-stepchild (the bloodnut comment is a very old joke so please no irate comments) and just want to run away -but this opening I will be at. I have to admit there probably won't be any Egyptian baboons there and I believe the tired but lovely Mr Cruikshank has been  very busy this week creating the pieces for his exhibition. (He and Dell have been residing in Berlin and I know the antiquities museums there are crackerjack full of really cool stuff like the bab above so I'm guessing that's where the pic comes from- he is one sweet baboon- and check the cobras out. How I miss those museums full of plundered junk.....)

So TCB level 1/ 12 Waratah Place Melbourne Wednesday the 29th of October 6-9pm- see you there.

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